Here is your waters and watering place. Drink and be whole again, beyond confusion.

-Robert Frost, Directive



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Stress isn't simply as negative as we sometimes believe.  Stress gives our lives meaning, gives us motivation, and pushes us to grow.  When we encounter stress outside of our window of tolerance, either acutely or for too long without relief, our bodies and quality of life suffer. Learn how to identify your window of tolerance, learn greater resiliency, increase your ability to handle stress, and learn how to return to your window of tolerance using management strategies that work for you.

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Chronic Pain & Illness

Trauma and pain creates a whole body response.  When support from a trauma isn't given, felt, or received it can be imprinted in our nervous system.  Research shows visible changes in the brain, especially in the bodies alarm system in patients living with chronic pain and illness.  This can create a pull for the body to continue to sensations and sensations in a hyper-reactive way.  This keeps the body stuck with more of a stress response, more pain, more inflammation.  Learn how to resolve the past and decrease the sensitivity of your nervous system in the present.

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Shame is damaging to the whole person, brain, body, spirit.  Shame can create a rupture in our self worth and can keep us feeling trapped, disconnected, and without hope.  The stress created from this response on the body can create reactivity, lower energy, and push us to withdraw from life.  Learn to access a sense of self worth, and return to living a full life in the present moment.  Learn how to reconnect with yourself and feel alive and open in the world again.

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Boundary Imbalance

Boundaries are a crucial part of life.  Everything in the universe has some type of boundary to not only set it apart from some but to allow from others.  For us good boundaries keep out what's not wanted and allows what is.  Due to many different factors our boundaries can become out of balance, or due to trauma can have holes in them.  This can create repeated exposure to overwhelm, situations that are harmful, and drain your life's energy.  Learn to recognize your boundaries and strengthen them.  Restores you sense of desire and ability to say no.


Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® is the model I use for my work.  It is a body oriented trauma healing method grounded in neuroscience, stress physiology, ethology, and indigenous healing practices.  Click here to learn more.

What I work with


Somatic Experiencing®


What is it? 

Somatic experiencing® is a trauma resolution therapy developed by Dr. Peter Levine
PHD.  Daily life creates numerous challenges for people, and our unconscious is constantly working through the connections that have been made from our experiences.  When we experience trauma, or an event that is too much or happens too fast, the experience can become stuck in our system.  The traumatic event is stored in our somatic memory, increasing sensitivity to things in life that remind us of the event such as sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or touch.  Our unconscious shifts and increases its response to these somatic memories.  Somatic Experiencing® works with the connection of the mind and body to complete unconscious defensive patterns, and allows our nervous system to find balance in the present.


Why does it matter? 

At first there may be minimal noticeable signs of the trauma, but given time these stuck experiences can begin to negatively impact a person's health, sense of well being, and ability to thrive.  Symptoms may show up in many different ways, such as fear/avoidance, increased aggression, or numbness/dissociation.  Later on these elevated states of stress can have a significant impact on our body's equilibrium and health.  Our autonomic nervous system is responsible for our stress response, muscle tension, digestion, and when it is on constant alert for danger system suffers,  immune response decreases, digestion is inhibited, inflammation is elevated, blood pressure increases, and cardiovascular health decreases.  It is critical to understand that your body is not stuck like this.  The body is not meant to be in a daily state of stress and that's where somatic experiencing™ comes in.


How Does It work? 

Fortunately, through Dr. Peter Levine's work we now have a way of working with the trauma through our mind/body to resolve what's stuck.  We can bring connection to the body by noticing and tracking the unconscious experiences of an individual and bringing them into the present.  By supporting in the present, what couldn't happen in the past, a person's nervous system can experience a new resolution to the trauma.  It can re-wire the connection from a safe and secure present moment.  It can then return to a resting baseline, more in tune and in bodied in the present moment, and the individual can begin living life again from a place of felt safety and security.


Final note: 

There are many options available in today's healthcare system and in alternative medicine.  Every individual is unique and only you can decide what is right and what is helpful.  This process of finding answers and receiving the correct treatment can be extremely challenging.  Somatic Experiencing® is unique in that the process, as it is one of listening, connecting to what's been lost, and building resiliency for the your body to work as a whole again.  The benefit of connection with the present moment has a wide range of benefits, no matter what you're dealing with this work can be an amazing addition to your recovery and healing.  Reach out and schedule a free 30 minute consultation now. 

No matter where you go from here on your journey of healing, I wish you the strength and courage to continue moving towards the life you long for.

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” 

-African Proverb