I have always believed that whatever I try to do, someone has most likely done it, and done it extremely well.  There are and have been an incredible number of people who were mind-bogglingly brilliant.  It's amazing when you find books and other resources from people like that, and find a resonance with what they are saying that just fits you and what you are searching for so perfectly.  It is one of my favorite feelings. 

There are so many books and other resources that have been a blessing for me on my personal journey.  I wanted to include this place to share those.  

I don't believe that anything is ever constant or perfect in life.  We are always shifting and changing to meet the demands of life, but something I have found to be incredibly significant is that what you are taking in during your day is what gets put out.  We surround ourselves with what feels natural or with what fits with us, but if you are trying to create a change it is a good idea to take in things that are going to help you move towards that change. 


My journey has been one filled with isolation, depression, and not feeling "worthy."  It took a long time for me to begin to counter the things that I did that supported those feelings, or that made them more comfortable.  I needed to stop hiding from the feelings and be able to face them on secure and stable ground.  The resources I'm sharing continue to be of incredible value.

I have included my favorites of the things that connected with me the most to get me out of numbing and holding back.  I have also taken recommendations from others - people who had a different journey than I did, who needed to learn and cultivate different experiences and ideas.  

I hope you find them helpful on your journey.