Integrative Mind-Body Healing 

Re-Aligning Natural Resilience

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Anam Luneta means "Soul Spyglass."  To me, the work of somatic (body) oriented psychotherapy is to reach the deepest parts of a person and help guide the process of healing. 

Our bodies sense the experience of

safety, trust, love, and connection long before our minds catch up.


This process is challenging.  It takes courage, and an openness to be with painful sensations and experiences.  But step by step we will work together to build resiliency,  increase self compassion, and transform the chaos of trauma into peace.

A huge part of you maturity resides in your ability to look

at yourself with both gentleness and accountability.  

To trust that you are lovable while also seeing the parts of yourself 

that need you to love them.

-Vienna Pharoan

This is your path, you bring the intention, you bring the motivation, and I will be there to support you in your healing, mind, body, and soul.  There is a depth of somatic (body) therapy processing that allows for faster resolution of traumatic symptoms, but this work proceeds at its own pace and there is no formula.  The more openness, curiosity, and trust you can bring the faster we will be able to navigate the past, and build more resiliency for living and being a part of a more coherent future.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. 

It means the damage no longer controls our lives.


Somatic Experiencing®
Trauma of our past can get stuck in our emotions, thoughts, and body.  To heal from our past trauma, we must be able to support our whole system (body, mind, and spirit) to return to rest and stability.  
Stress Management
Stress isn't simply negative, as we sometimes believe.  Stress gives our lives meaning, gives us motivation, and pushes us to grow.  When we encounter stress outside of our window of tolerance, acutely, or for too long without relief, our bodies and quality of life suffer. 
Chronic pain & Illness
Trauma and pain creates a whole body response.  When support for the trauma isn't given, felt, or received this trauma can be imprinted in our nervous system. 

Shame and Blame

Shame can be damaging to the whole person, brain, body, spirit.  Shame can create a rupture in our self of worth and can keep us trapped in fear and despair.  

Shame and disconnection
Shame can be damaging to the whole person, brain, body, spirit.  Shame can create a rupture in our self of worth and can keep us trapped in fear and despair.  
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Healing happens in the presence of connection and communication.

When things are connecting, participating together, and communicating effectively there is balance, integrity, and growth.  

Gracious acceptance of who you are opens us to who we can be.

Only when we are grounded in the present, and accepting of how our past impacts our present, can we gather the insight and courage to respond in a new way.  





To change we need to believe and feel that we can.

When we are reacting instead of responding we are closed off to ourselves.  We sacrifice choice for the safety of our instincts.  To have choice and agency we need to experience the safety, energy, and presence to choose the unknown.

Our bodies reflect the experience and beliefs of our past and our unconscious present.

Our implicit memory is the foundation of unconscious feelings, emotions, movements, and behaviors.  It is organized through our implicit memory to respond to life quickly and effectively.  When are able to track our body's sensation and feelings we are no longer reacting to life but are present embodied in it.